Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain! and the First Day of the School Year

The weekend brought us the first good rainfall we've had since early spring--2 inches! I know we need a lot more than this to make it out of drought, but every bit helps and I'm so excited. Depending on where Isaac makes landfall we could see more rain later this week.

Our water district has lifted the mandatory water rationing and now I have to get serious about the fall garden. We've started some plants inside, but I'm still leery about starting anything outside because I'm still seeing a lot of squash bugs and Mexican beetles. In fact, the beetles are so bad they're getting into the house and my plants inside have damage. I'll have to make a decision soon, or else I will be limited to winter crops.

The house smells good with a roast cooking in the crock-pot. In a little while it will be time to pull off some drippings and do the Yorkshire Pudding. I have no idea what vegetable to serve with it yet, but suppose I'll raid the crisper and use up what needs used up the most.

Today started our first official day of the 2012-2013 school year. Though we school year-round, for the most part, we have to clock our school years somewhere and this counts as day 1. We're doing 1st grade and 4th grade and are using Sonlight again this year since we've enjoyed is so much. All in all, it was a smooth first day despite the schedule tweaks that come along with new books and new material. The kids even had time for a game of Math Dice which is always a hit.

I've spent the last several days organizing my school shelves and planning for our field trip to the Scottish Games next month. We've watched a documentary on our clan history and started an ancestry search into my husband's family tree to figure out what clan he belongs to. We're all excited for the festival, and if finances allow I'll be able to dig out the sewing machine and make kilts for the kids, though I think it will take some talking into for my son to wear one.

I'm anxious about the garden, but I'm curled up in my computer chair with the smell of good food in the air and a satisfying school day behind us. It's been a good day.

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